Does Shoe Size Change With Weight Loss

By | May 15, 2020

Its not always the size per say that changes but the width. And it took me a bit of pain to realize how big a problem that was.

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But seriously the biggest change from weight loss and one that no one told me about was that yes my feet would lose weight.

Does shoe size change with weight loss. Although your feet may feel a little less cramped in your shoes it is vital to note that not everyone experiences shrinking feet during weight loss. It seems like my size got bigger as I gained weight but that was so long ago I cant remember it clearly. No I dont think your shoe size will be decrease if you lose 60 lbs.

While we dont talk about this no doubt if we did she would express her consternation about women wearing 4 inch heels. Soo if you are having problems finding shoes for urself. A change in bra sizes from weight loss wont always mean a decrease in cup size.

Not thinking I bought two new pa. He asked What size sneakers are you wearing for your workouts I answered Size 10 wide – same as Ive worn. The size of your feet may also reduce when you drop considerable pounds.

My feet have gone back down half a size since then. Im scheduled for surgery in 23 days. Significant weight loss can result in going down a full shoe size.

The size of your feet may also reduce when you drop considerable pounds. But dont let a potential change in bra sizes deter you from losing weight. I went to my doctor once about 10 years ago with a complaint that I was experiencing a burning sensation in my feet after I worked out.

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You could lose weight but actually gain a cup size. Depending on how much weight you lose you may need to invest in shoes of a new size as well as smaller clothes. When you lose weight you lose it all over your body including places like your hands and feet.

Foot size can be changed by weight gain or weight loss pregnancy aging exercise and the amount we walk and also the shoes we wear. Did your shoe size change after surgery. Go have fun shopping for new shoes that fit you better and Im sure my podiatrist sister my oldest would agree.

It all comes down to how your body loses fat and how the weight loss affects the shape of your breasts. For most people weight loss in the feet. Ive been a size 11 since I was 12 and at a semi-healthy weight.

I thought Id seen this question asked before but if so I cant find the thread. NowIve lost almost 80lbs but I didnt think I had fat feet beforeso who knows but I noticed a change even after less weight came off. Shoe size can definetly change.

Some also have trouble finding larger sizes. Before i hav extra wide feet and usually requred 1 size bigger shoes to fit in. No loosing weight wouldnt do anything to ur feet size the feet size depends on ur bones which u cant do much abt.

I dont know if it was increased weight or the joint relaxing effect of hormones during pregnancy. Ive lost 110lbs and my shoe size hasnt changed. Now I have nice feet.

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May 12 2011 800PM. My shoe size would change. One thing Ive noticed about my daughter and her friends they have really big feet age 14.

It is common for your shoe size to go down. The main recipient of all that wear and tear. And you may be wearing a shoe thats a size bigger than what you wore in your 20s in part because of weight gain that puts greater pres-sure on your feet and in part because your ligaments and tendons have lost some of their elasticity which also predisposes them to potentially painful ruptures or microtears.

When you lose weight you usually think of your hips waist and thighs shrinking. Most people plan to purchase a new wardrobe as their pants and shirts may loosen up with weight loss but new shoes are something you may not have expected. The only difference between now and when I weighed 325 is that wides used to feel more comfortable but now regular width is fine.

I have always had skinny narrow feet but apparently weight loss makes a difference in the size of your feet for all the various reasons mentioned in the post so far. Yes all of my shoes are at least a 12 size too big. August 10 2012 1131AM.

Taminsky- I feel your pain- there is never a good selection for us size 11s. I went from wearing a 7 12 usually down to wearing a 6 12. Yes my shoe size changed.

Most overweight people have thick feet and when they lose weight their feet get smaller. When my feet got more narrow i could go down in shoe size. Why Your Feet Change Size Over Time Your body changes as you age and your feet are not exempt With every step you take over the years your body absorbs two to three times its weight due to gravity.

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Weirdest weight loss phenomenon– SHRINKING SHOE SIZE. My shoe size increased when I got pregnant by about one and a half size.

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