Does Bank of America Offer Investment Services

By | June 25, 2022

To find the small business retirement plan that works for you, contact:

Full-scale financial capabilities in the palm of your hands

Investing with Merrill and banking with Bank of America from the convenience of your mobile device make it a snap to keep track of your money at home or on the go.

  • Get a complete picture of your finances with a single login
  • Bank and invest anytime, anywhere with our secure mobile app
  • Act quickly on financial decisions with instant transfers between eligible accountsFootnote

Download the Merrill Edge app on the App Store.

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#1 for Commissions and Fees

Merrill Edge Self-Directed ranked #1 for Customer Service and #1 for Commissions and Fees, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance – Best Online Brokers 2021.


Merrill Edge Self-Directed was ranked 4 out of 11 online brokers by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance’s “Best Online Brokers,” survey August 2021. To be included, firms had to offer online trading of stocks, ETFs, funds and individual bonds. Results based on ratings in the following categories: commissions and fees, investment choices, mobile app, tools, research, advisory services and customer service. Rankings for subcategories may vary
Learn more at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

, August 2021 © 2021 The Kiplinger Washington Editors. Used under License. Merrill provides access to research from BofA Global Research, CFRA (powered by S&P Global), Morningstar and others. Rankings and recognition from Kiplinger’s are no guarantee of future investment success and do not ensure that a current or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance results and such rankings should not be construed as an endorsement.

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Best Robo-Advisor for Education

Merrill Guided Investing was named the Best Robo-Advisor for Education from Investopedia in 2020.


Merrill Guided Investing received 4.4 out of 5 stars overall in Investopedia’s Best Robo-Advisors, January 7, 2022. Investopedia’s team of researchers and expert writers spent months evaluating all aspects of a robo-advisor’s platform across nine key categories, including the account setup process, goal planning tools, account service options, portfolio construction offerings, portfolio management, mobile and desktop user experience, educational content, fees, and security. Investopedia extracts critical data points that are weighted by their quantitative model. Learn more at

Reprinted with permission of Investopedia. Rankings and recognition from Investopedia are no guarantee of future investment success and do not ensure that a current or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance results and such rankings should not be construed as an endorsement.

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The Best Overall Client Experience

Merrill Edge Self-Directed was awarded #1 for Overall Client Experience, Client Dashboard, ESG investing and access to Banking Services in the 2022 Annual Broker Review.


Merrill Edge Self-Directed was evaluated as one of 15 online brokers in 2022 Online Broker Review published on January 11, 2022. evaluated brokers using 205 variables across 9 categories: Customer Service, Commissions & Fees, Research, Platforms & Tools, Mobile Trading Apps, Offering of Investments, Education, Ease of Use, and Overall. The Best In Class rating recognizes brokers that ranked in the top 5 in that category. Learn more at

. Rankings and recognition from are no guarantee of future investment success and do not ensure that a current or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance results and such rankings should not be construed as an endorsement.

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Your combined Merrill investing and Bank of America deposit balances get you more

When your balances work together, you can maximize the rewards you earn. Just open a qualifying checking account, maintain the 3-month average balance requirement and enroll in Bank of America Preferred Rewards to start earning the rewards you truly deserve.

I want to save for a big purchase
Select to learn more

I want to buy a car
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I want to buy a home
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I want to prepare for retirement
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I want to build a budget and start saving
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Financial control that complements your lifestyle

Funding & Trading
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Easy transfers
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Send & Request
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Help when you need it
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Fund your brokerage account immediately so you can act fast on trades.

Hey, did you see that price alert for XYX? I think we should make that trade. What do you think?

I think you’re right. Let me transfer money from checking. Can you make the trade?

For illustrative purposes only

Move money between checking, savings and investing accounts and watch the funds transfer instantly.Footnote

Hey mom! Can you add more money to my account? I have to buy books for that class I picked up.

Sure thing. I just transferred $200 in the app. Let me know if you see it.

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Securely send and request money from almost anyone in minutes, no matter where they bank.

Thanks for meeting up with me. It was nice catching up.

It was great seeing you too. I’ll Zelle you $26 for lunch.

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Get automated assistance or help reaching real people online, over the phone or in person.

Hi! I am having issues accessing my account online. Can you help?

Hello! We are happy to help. Let me get you in touch with a representative right away.

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Investing and banking that help turn today’s dreams into tomorrow’s reality

Whether you’re looking for easier everyday banking services, personalized retirement solutions or smart college savings plans, we’ll help you find the right accounts.

Ready to get started?

To enroll in the Preferred Rewards program, you must have an active, eligible personal checking account with Bank of

and maintain the balance required for one of the balance tiers in your combined qualifying Bank of America deposit accounts (such as checking, savings, certificate of deposit) and/or your Merrill investment accounts (such as Cash Management Accounts, 529 Plans). You can satisfy the combined balance requirement for enrollment with either:

  1. a three-month combined average daily balance in your qualifying deposit and investment accounts
  2. a current combined balance, provided that you enroll at the time you open your first eligible personal checking account and satisfy the balance requirement at the end of at least one day within 30 days of opening that account.

You must have a qualifying balance of at least $20,000 for the Gold tier, $50,000 for the Platinum tier, $100,000 for the Platinum Honors tier, $1,000,000 for the Diamond tier and $10,000,000 for the Diamond Honors tier. Private Bank clients qualify to enroll in the Diamond tier, and may qualify for the Diamond Honors tier based on their qualifying Bank of America, Merrill, and Private Bank balances. Refer to your Personal Schedule of Fees for details on accounts that qualify towards the combined balance calculation and receive program benefits. Eligibility to enroll is generally available three or more business days after the end of the calendar month in which you satisfy the requirements. Benefits become effective within 30 days of your enrollment, or for new accounts within 30 days of account opening, unless we indicate otherwise. Certain benefits are also available without enrolling in Preferred Rewards if you satisfy balance and other requirements.

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Certain banking and brokerage accounts may be ineligible for real-time money movement, including but not limited to transfers to/from bank IRAs (CD, Money Market), 529s, Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking™, Credit Cards and transfers from IRAs, Loans (HELOC, LOC, Mortgage) and accounts held in the military bank. Accounts eligible for real-time transfers will be displayed online in the to/from drop down menu on the transfer screen.

The Bank of America Advantage Savings interest rate booster is only available to enrolled Preferred Rewards members. Your enrollment in Preferred Rewards will not automatically convert any existing savings account to a Bank of America Advantage Savings account without your request. If your enrollment in the Preferred Rewards program is discontinued, the interest rate booster may be discontinued. Visit for current rates.

Certain credit cards are eligible to receive the Preferred Rewards bonus. Enrolled Preferred Rewards members with eligible Bank of America®
credit cards can receive a Preferred Rewards bonus of 25% for the Gold tier, 50% for the Platinum tier, or 75% for the Platinum Honors tier based on their Program tier and type of card. If your product receives the 10% customer bonus, the Preferred Rewards bonus will replace the 10% customer bonus. You will not receive the Preferred Rewards bonus when you redeem your Cash Rewards or Points. The Preferred Rewards bonus for eligible cash rewards credit cards will be applied after all base and bonus cash rewards have been calculated on a purchase. For example, a $100 purchase that earns 3% ($3.00) will actually earn $3.75, $4.50 or $5.25 based on your tier when the purchase posts to your account. For all other eligible card types, a purchase that earns 100 base points will actually earn 125, 150 or 175 points based on your tier when the purchase posts to your account. The Preferred Rewards bonus is not applied to any account opening bonus, if applicable. The Preferred Rewards bonus also does not apply to the bonus earn for certain programs. This information can be found in the Program Rules associated with those credit cards. Other terms and conditions apply. Please refer to your card’s Program Rules for details about how you will receive the Preferred Rewards bonus. Program Rules are mailed upon account opening and are accessible through the rewards redemption site via Online Banking or by calling the number on the back of your card.

Visit Bank of America Preferred Rewards for a complete list of ineligible cards.

The origination fee reduction is available to clients who are enrolled or are eligible to enroll in Preferred Rewards at the time of application for a new purchase or refinance loan (for co-borrowers, at least one applicant must be enrolled or eligible to enroll). Amount of the reduction ($200 for Gold tier, $400 for Platinum tier and $600 for Platinum Honors tier) is based on your eligible tier at the time of mortgage application and is not subject to adjustment. This reduction will not exceed the amount of the Lender Origination Fee. Eligibility will be available three or more business days after the end of the calendar month in which you satisfy the requirements. Some discounts cannot be combined. For details on requirements, visit the Preferred Rewards section of the Personal Schedule of Fees. Benefit is non-transferable.

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Auto loan preferred interest rate discount of 0.25% to 0.50% is based on reward tier and valid only for enrolled Preferred Rewards members at the time of auto loan application who obtain a Bank of America auto purchase or refinance loan. The maximum preferred interest rate discount on a Bank of America auto loan is 0.50%. This preferred interest rate discount is not reflected in our published rates on our website but will be reflected in the interest rate quoted upon loan approval. Discounts are only available on auto loan applications submitted directly to Bank of America through its website, Financial Centers, or Bank call centers. Discounts are not available for motor vehicle leases or for applications sourced from car dealerships, car manufacturers, or third-party branded/co-branded relationships. Benefit is non-transferable. Subject to credit approval. Standard underwriting guidelines and credit policies apply.

The Chief Investment Office (CIO) develops the investment strategies for Merrill Guided Investing and Merrill Guided Investing with Advisor, including providing its recommendations of ETFs, mutual funds and related asset allocations. Managed Account Advisors LLC (MAA), Merrill’s affiliate, is the overlay portfolio manager responsible for implementing the Merrill Guided Investing strategies for client accounts, including facilitating the purchase & sale of ETFs and mutual funds in client accounts and updating account asset allocations when the CIO’s recommendations change while also implementing any applicable individual client or firm restriction(s).

You may also be able to obtain the same or similar services or types of investments through other programs and services, both investment advisory and brokerage, offered by Merrill; these may be available at lower or higher fees than charged by the Program. The services that you receive by investing through Merrill Guided Investing or Merrill Guided Investing with Advisor will be different from the services you receive through other programs. You may also be able to obtain some or all of these types of services from other firms, and if they are available, the fees associated with them may be lower or higher than the fees we charge.

Please review the applicable Merrill Guided Investing Program Brochure (PDF) or Merrill Guided Investing with Advisor Program Brochure (PDF) for information including the program fee, rebalancing, and the details of the investment advisory program. Your recommended investment strategy will be based solely on the information you provide to us for this specific investment goal and is separate from any other advisory program offered with us. If there are multiple owners on this account, the information you provide should reflect the views and circumstances of all owners on the account. If you are the fiduciary of this account for the benefit of the account owner or account holder (e.g., trustee for a trust or custodian for an UTMA), please keep in mind that these assets will be invested for the benefit of the account owner or account holder. Merrill Guided Investing is offered with and without an advisor. Merrill, Merrill Lynch, and/or Merrill Edge investment advisory programs are offered by Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (“MLPF&S”) and Managed Account Advisors LLC (“MAA”) an affiliate of MLPF&S. MLPF&S and MAA are registered investment advisers. Investment adviser registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training.


Does Bank of America Offer Investment Services


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