Master’s Degree in Investment and Finance

By | June 24, 2022

For many people trade schools offer a path to a better career that colleges can’t compete with. While college degrees do advance salary, a trade school can get you prepared for a high demand job with a high paying salary in less than a year in most cases. Sometimes a trade school degree can be done in a few months. Trade schools also offer great financing and affordability programs. Here are 10 trade school degrees that are currently in high demand.


Welding trade schools are currently in high demand as the need for welders has not decreased, but the number of people qualified to be a welder has. Because of this, welding jobs pay more than ever and the skill can be taught at a trade school relatively quickly. It is a tough skill to learn, but that’s why it pays a lot.

Heating and Cooling technicians are in demand in all areas across the United States. In the north, they mostly work with heating and in the south with cooling. Every house has a heating and cooling system so there will always be a demand for these jobs. In most cases you can also apprentice to learn on the job.

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Commercial Driving

Getting your commercial driver’s license or CDL is a great job that you can get without a degree. With being a truck driver you can travel and see the country all while getting paid. If you love to travel and love to drive, this could be the job for you.

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Cosmetology covers hair, skin, makeup and nails. Nail technicians, hair stylist and makeup artists all have cosmetology certificates. There is a variety of things you can do with one of these certificates from a trade school. If you love beauty, consider this option. The variety of this trade school degree makes it worth it.

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Web Design

Web design is a high paying career where a college degree isn’t always needed. While some designers have a computer science degree, others just went to trade school. Yet, they get paid the same rates. This exciting career will get you on the path to perhaps becoming an independent consultant where you work your own hours.



An electrician is a job that will always be needed. Many trade schools offer short term electrician training and even apprenticeships. Out of all trade school degrees electricians seem to get the most job satisfaction and highest salary for the shortest amount of schooling. In many cases you will find a job quickly.


Radiation Therapist

If you have ever broken a bone, you have seen a radiation therapist at work. When you go in for an X-Ray, ultrasound or an MRI, there is a specialized technician who knows how to use the machines. Most trade schools offer this degree so be sure to check out a trade school near you.


Dental Hygienist

A tech degree as a hygienist takes a bit longer than most trade degrees but statistics show that demand has been slowly increasing for decades, making it a great choice for a steady job. The training you need will be taught at school so no experience is necessary to apply.


Massage Therapist

A massage therapist needs a certain type of education to meet state requirements and you can get them from several trade schools or specialized massage therapy schools. Many graduates make great money and you can choose your own schedule if you work independently. A massage degree can take as long as three months to a year depending on the school.

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Elevator Technician

As elevators become more common, there is a high demand for this unique trade. After all, somebody has to take care of these machines. There are very few trade schools who offer this degree but if you get one you will have a steady job and can also work as an inspector or even an install technician.

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Master’s Degree in Investment and Finance


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