Why Does My Insurance Company Want A Recorded Statement

By | January 2, 2022

A recorded statement is the first move of many that an insurance company will take to erode your claim and limit their drivers liability. Insurance adjusters want a recorded statement so they can compare it against any other statements you have made about the accident.

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When Your Own Insurer Demands a Recorded Statement Although it doesnt happen on a regular basis theres always the chance that your own insurance company will ask you for your vocally recorded documentation.

Why does my insurance company want a recorded statement. In a recent blog we explored the perils of giving a statement to an insurance company that isnt your own which you are never legally obligated to do and we generally advise against since the information you give can be used to hurt your case against them. During this process either company may ask for the victim to give a recorded statement about the claim. They can also just as easily take notes as they talk to you.

One way of securing profits is to limit payouts to injured victims. Think about the context of a recorded statement in a car accident claim. This differs from a request for an Examination Under Oath but policyholders must be familiar with both.

In the aftermath of a car accident your insurance company as well as the company for the at-fault driver will try to determine who is responsible for the damages. This includes statements made in a police investigation as well as depositions for a lawsuit about the accident. When an insurance company wants to record a call it means they will use the call against you.

By Nicole Vinson on February 6 2016. Like any for profit business insurance companies are run with the goal of making money. The insurance company will likely be extremely aggressive trying to illicit the information they want.

During their investigation an insurance company may request that you provide them with a recorded statement of what happened. The insurance company has easy access to this report. Keep in mind that were talking about giving a written or recorded statement to the other drivers insurance carrier.

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The reason for this is to look for inconsistencies between the different statements. This will entail asking yourself. The insurance company can use anything you say in a recorded statement against you even though the statement is not made in a court and you are not under oath.

It is important to remain cautious if you give a recorded statement for insurance claims because it could unfairly decrease the value of your case. She says she wants to help you and you certainly need help. Recorded Statements Are Taken In An Effort To Develop Evidence Against You.

Your potential settlement offer will depend on what is provided to the insurance company including any statements. When the accident first occurs you most likely report it to the local authorities and file a claim with your insurance provider. Note that in a few cases your own insurance company may request a recorded statement.

They will know how to use your own words against you. However when youve been hurt in an accident or had extensive property damage to your home through no fault of your own its possible that your own insurance company will want you to provide a recorded statement. When it comes to conversations with your own car insurance company including carriers in no-fault car insurance states youre contractually required to cooperate with their investigation and processing of your claim and that obligation likely includes giving a statement in whatever format the carrier prefers.

This is your initial statement. It is their way of reducing the amount of damages owed to you. On the other hand your own insurance company may require you to provide a recorded statement about the accident and your injuries.

They should be more than willing to do this as theyre supposed to be fighting for you not providing evidence to the other side. If they do you will have to decide whether agreeing to their request will be in your best interests. Why Adjusters Want Recorded Statements Taking your statement allows the adjuster to hear your side of the events leading to your injury and the aftermath.

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However the insurance company may contact you days after the accident to request a recorded statement. Often after a property loss the insurance company may request a recorded statement of a policyholder in the days following the loss. Otherwise the adjuster only has the insureds version of the events.

The insurance company wants this statement to use against you in the future. Another common way insurance companies use recorded statements is to get you to slip up and make a mistake. People often think that the recordings will be used for training purposes but this is only partly true.

Usually a police report is filed. One of the most important things to know is that insurance companies must properly investigate your claim and ensure that theyre being fair in their assessment of what happened in the accident. You should request that before you give any recorded statement your insurance company says in writing that they wont share it with the other partys insurance company.

If you say you werent injured in the car accident in your recorded statement for example but start noticing symptoms and get diagnosed with an injury later the insurance company can use your original statement to deny benefits. You should ask the insurance company why they want a recorded statement and what your policy says about it. They will often take a statement that tries to implicate you as the one who caused the car accident.

The adjuster wants you to give a recorded statement telling her how the accident happened and also asks you to provide some personal information. In fact Idaho law gives them the right to get the police report. That said your policy may not require a recorded statement and may simply ask for a written statement.

Why Does the Insurance Company Want a Recorded Statement. Within a few days an adjuster for the insurance company of the guy who hit you calls on the telephone. Now if the insurance company from the person who hit you wants a recorded statement dont give it.

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